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Benefit from experience, commitment and quality when hiring me as a Sustainability Manager to fill a temporary gap. For a shorter or longer period. Part time or full time. Increasing your profitability and competitiveness.


Key Responsibilites as a Sustainability Manager

Set objectives and monitor effectiveness of established programs

Coordinate, support and

facilitate sustainability initiatives

Deliver presentations to:
senior management, board of directors and investors

Stakeholder engagement and trend analysis

Develop, implement and manage the sustainability strategy and action plan

Offer training and conduct workshops

Communicate the sustainability agenda and adopted policies

Develop and produce the annual sustainability report

Provide recommendations on how to improve the sustainability performance

Lead and assist internal and

external audits

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Susann Dutt


+46 705 12 29 63

Experience in short

Interim Chief Sustainability Officer at Pomona-gruppen, 2023-

Interim Sustainability Manager at, 2018 - 2022

Quality Manager and Sustainability Specialist at, 2013-2017

Sustainability Manager at, 2010-2013

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