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AI Transformation
Platform Business Models

If you are on the board of an an SME or a group of "SMEs", and you are looking for a way to get started using AI in a systematic way to bring you real business value, then contact me.

I would be happy to help your company to

Come together and get started

You know you need to do it, but don't know where to start. A 2-hour Knowledge base and Inspirational Talk is what many SMEs have chosen as their starting point.

Visualise and tune your strategy

A powerful visualisation methodology we call a Strategic Dialogue helps boards not only gain a deeper understanding of their complex ecosystem, but is also the basis for pertinent discussions and decision making. It is also a great tool to communicate your strategic intentions.

Take a snapshot 

A Maturity Assessment with people throughout you company. How ready is your company to work with innovation, or is there a different approach more suited for you?

Design a platform business

Education and training in this proven methodology, the Platform Innovation Kit is a way to understand your companies role in the new business landscape of platforms. Once you know how PIK works and how to use it, we can dive deeper into your specific design needs.

Help you find business value

An Ideation Workshop to leverage your knowledge. Pulling from a tool box of methodologies and visualisation tools, these workshops help your employees to identify, describe, prioritise your relevant use cases, so the company finds business value.

Model your value transactions

Very pleased to be partnering with The Value Engineers from the Netherlands for this consulting service which gives you a model to simulate and test your transaction strategies before deploying them. 

Would you like to know more?

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Eric Dutt

Senior Advisor

AI Transformation & Platform Business Models

+46 761 13 65 83

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